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Official Contest Rules and Info

03/13/2002 - 5:27 p.m.

Updated July 23, 2002

Let the drums drum and the trumpets trump! A new contest has begun! Yes, indeedy do, it's the

Whut Th' Heck Did Red Mean?!?!? Contest

Here's the rules:

Go to this entry here and read about the mysterious notecard. Then, using the oh-so-swell LycosGear link in the Contest section, send me your interpretation of just what the heck it could mean. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

♦ cleverosity
♦ grammar, punctuation, and spelling (though obviuos typos will be given some slakc)
♦ all around goodness

Prizes will be whatever the heck I want them to be, and awarded to whoever I think deserves 'em.

Oh yeah - as always - don't enter if you don't want me to know your mailing address.

Ready? Go!


As of Saturday, March 23, 2002, the Red's Most Read Contest has closed. But don't despair - a new contest will be coming soon.

Well, my pal monstre pointed out that by pointing all the contest links to the Sleep Deprivation Blues entry page, I'm gonna skew the stats, because it's gonna suddenly be all popular. So I have created this special contest page - hits to this page will not count in the "Red's Most Read" contest. All links to the contest will come here from now on.


One of my entries has consistently had more hits than any other, ever since I started using the stats, which was the first week I started using Diaryland.

If you can figure out which entry is the most read, you win a prize. And not just some cheap crappy prize - a good prize. Not a car or anything, but something cool that I like, and you probably will too. Maybe a dupe from my bookshelf, or a leftover prize packet from my last band's prize box, or, if yer really lucky, maybe a copy of the mix cd I made for my last pseudo-squeeze and never got to give her because - well - she went nuts and decided she didn't like me anymore.

And for those of you who enter but don't actually get it right - if you can make a convincing enough argument about why the one that you picked should be the most-read, you'll win a consolation prize....... probably at least as good as the grand prize, when you get right down to it........

Use the HTML Gear link at the right to make your entry.

A couple of more things to think about:

1. Don't enter if you don't want to give me your mailing address, cuz there are real prizes involved here, and if you win, you get one. I probably won't stalk you. I hardly ever do.

2. Enter as often as you like, but don't be a yutz about it. I'm not gonna put an artificial limit on guesses, but if you send me a guess for every entry, you're gonna get dis-o-qualified, and I'm telling your mom!

3. Don't waste our time guessing this entry, cuz it's not gonna be counted. Get me, Fellini?

Music to guess by:
The Stranglers - "Toiler On The Sea" (Black and White)
"I had a woman ship - I took her overseas - She left her hold unlocked - I had to find a dock"

See what I did there? I went and moved my diaryring to a rings and reviews page!

<<< die Schatten der Vergangenheit<<< >>> es strahlt, die Zukunft>>>

These are Japanese drummers. Yep, those are drums!

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Wht Th' heck Did Red Mean?!?!?!?Contest!

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