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<<< die Schatten der Vergangenheit<<< >>> es strahlt, die Zukunft>>>

redblur profile - diary (new) - updated more than 3 months ago.

11/05/2004 - 5:15 p.m.

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't updated much recently. Then again, you may not have noticed. If you haven't, I say, carry on. If you have, I say, here's some news:

Number 1. I am in a UPS Store (formerly a Mailboxes Etc, I assume) in Burlington, Vermont. All the male employees here either a) are balding, b) have very close-cropped hair, or c) are both of the above. One of the balding, close-cropped guys here keeps singing songs about what he's doing, as in "I have a package marked C, but not A or B, and that is a bit of a problem." Normally I applaud such behavior, but today, I do not, as he insists on doing it in a terrible (terrible) fake-Elvis voice.

Number 2. This UPS Store is in Burlington, Vermont. It's cold here. This morning it was snowing a bit. That was in Stowe, Vermnont, where we are staying.

Number 3. I am having a hard time getting used to this "Fall back" business.

Number 4. On my left hand, I am wearing a new piece of jewelry that I like a lot, but that is taking some gtting used to.

Number 5. I got married on Saturday. It was very nice. We got lots of presents but we haven't opened the boxes yet.

Number 6. Luv, Red.

See what I did there? I went and moved my diaryring to a rings and reviews page!

<<< die Schatten der Vergangenheit<<< >>> es strahlt, die Zukunft>>>

These are Japanese drummers. Yep, those are drums!

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