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<<< die Schatten der Vergangenheit<<< >>> es strahlt, die Zukunft>>>

Too Dern Tired

07/23/2002 - 2:11 a.m.

Ok, I can't sleep. That, officially, stinks. The cats and I are sittiong around, and they're doing something pretty funny, which is - each being in one of the other's spots. NewCat™ got into one of OldCat's™ fave spots, so OC seems to have said, "All right, pally, you wanna play that game? Well, smell me, for I am now gonna usurp your favorite spot of all time."

And he did.

This entry was gonna be a lot longer, cuz I had this really e3ffing snazz idea for a fun team-building exercise, but I realized I need to be a tad less bleary to figure out how it'll work, so sometime Tuesday I'll either post this really effing snazz idea, or I will see in the light of day that it was really effing dopey and I will pretend this never happened.

Cuz, despite the fact that I can't get to sleep, I am super tired - too dern tired, in fact, to type anymore, think any further, or walk across the room and start the stupid seedee player.

Nighty night?

See what I did there? I went and moved my diaryring to a rings and reviews page!

<<< die Schatten der Vergangenheit<<< >>> es strahlt, die Zukunft>>>

These are Japanese drummers. Yep, those are drums!

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